Ziridava 32

Tünde Horváth, Szilvia Guba, Gábor Bácsmegi
Siedlungsteil der Boleráz- und der Badener Kultur aus Szurdokpüspöki–Hosszú-dűlő (Kom. Nógrád, Ungarn)

Victor Sava, Lavinia Grumeza
The Archaeological Site in Zădăreni, Arad County. History of Research and the Bronze Age Discoveries

Dan Matei

About the Castra in Dacia and the Analogies They Are (Should Be) Involved in

Horațiu Cociș, Paul Chiorean, Ciprian Ciobanu
The Secondary Roads of Potaissa. Case Study: A new Road Segment from Livadă-Valea Agrișului-Iara (Cluj County)

Lavinia Grumeza
Horses, Dragons, and Rituals: Three Vessels from Arad County

Norbert Kapcsos
The Grave (?) in Șeitin from Another Perspective. A Necropolis and Many Questions

Călin Cosma
Graves with Horses Discovered in the 7th–8th Centuries Cemetery in Șpălnaca/Șugud (Alba County)

Dan Băcueț-Crișan
Early Medieval Domestic Ovens Discovered in Lompirt and Pericei (Sălaj County)

Florin Mărginean
Contributions to the Medieval Ecclesiastic Geography of Arad County. State of Research

Andrea Demjén
The Tobacco Pipes Discovered at the Quarantine in Pricske (Harghita County)